Written by attorney Belen Olmedo Guerra

What to Expect in Juvenile Court

When your child is in legal trouble, you may not know what to expect. You probably know something about the adult criminal court system, which can be scary even for a seasoned defendant. But juvenile crimes are handled less rigidly than those of adults because the goal is not necessarily to punish a child but rather to guide them toward a productive life by providing the support they need to grow and thrive.

Therefore, unless a child commits a crime as serious as homicide or bodily harm to another person, the goal is treatment and rehabilitation, not necessarily incarceration, unless a judge deems there is no other option.

As a trusted and caring advocate for juveniles caught in the juvenile court system, attorney Belén Olmedo Guerra is dedicated to helping your child get the help they need while leading their case to resolution. To help you understand what your child faces when charged with a crime, Belén Law Firm explains the process.

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