Written by attorney Alexander Barrett Ramey

What to Expect If You Are Stopped for Driving While Liscense Suspended in Florida

Whenever you are charged with a criminal offense you should proceed very cautiously. Any criminal offense can have very serious consequences. It could effect your employability, your immigration status, and even your freedom. If you are charged with driving while license suspended (DWLS) in Florida there are some important issues to consider.

If you are stopped in Florida for driving while license suspended (DWLS) you must first and foremost remain calm. Always be polite to the Police Officer. He will decide whether you get arrested and taken to jail, or allowed to sign a promise to appear.

When dealing with a driving while license suspended (DWLS) ticket in Florida, the first issue is whether you knew about the suspension. If you did not know it is considered an infraction, if you did know it is considered a criminal offense. When you are in Court be honest. You can be held in contempt for perjury.

The second issue is why was your license was suspended. For example, it is more serious to drive if the license was suspended for driving under the influence (DUI), or habitual traffic offender (HTO) status, then if you simply failed to pay a traffic ticket.

The third issue is how many times have you been charged with driving while license suspended (DWLS). The fine and other punishment tends to go up depending on prior convictions. Judges and prosecutors get tired of seeing the same people again and again for committing the same offense.

The fourth and final issue is compliance. After getting stopped for driving while license suspended (DWLS) did you fix the problem, and reinstate your license. Generally, the State, and the Court are more sympathetic to those that reinstate their license immediately after being charged with driving while license suspended (DWLS).

When you are charged with driving while license suspended (DWLS) in Florida, you may want to consider obtaining legal advice from an experienced attorney, because how you resolve your case may have future adverse legal consequences.

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