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What to expect at an Immigration Bond Hearing

Posted by attorney Ryan Reppucci

If a bond determination hearing has been set in your immigration matter, this hearing will be conducted at the Local District Office where you were detained. At such hearing, a party may be released as long as they are not subject to mandatory detention as outlined in INA ? 236 (c) (1).

In order to be released on bond pending disposition of your matter a person seeking such bond much demonstrate with sufficiency that they are not a danger to the community and/or a flight risk.

In preparation for your bond hearing, it is recommended that you obtain a copies of your criminal record, if any, possibly file an expedited FOIA request, and provide any further information demonstrating why you are not a flight risk. Examples of relevant evidence that can be used to demonstrate that you are not a flight risk includes the following: eligibility for relief from removal, manner of entry and length of time in United States, local family ties, lack of criminal record, stable environment to live, job or future employment, membership in community organizations, and letters of support from friends and family.

It is suggested that prior to your bond hearing you meet with an experienced immigration law attorney. An experienced immigration law attorney can assist you in acquiring the lowest bond amount possible pending final disposition of your matter.

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