Written by attorney Alexus Paul Sham

What to expect at a master calendar hearing

MOST IMPORTANT: The most important thing to do at the master calendar hearing is to appear in court at the appointed time. If you are in removal proceedings it is essential that you are represented by an attorney.

WHAT HAPPENS: The master calendar hearing is a hearing to set a date for another hearing and Admit or Deny Allegations. It is very important that you and your attorney read carefully the Notice to Appear issued by Immigration Services and respond adequately.

ALLEGATIONS: There will be several enumerated paragraphs called allegations. You and your attorney should carefully read the allegations. If any of them are wrong you should deny the allegations of the specific paragraph. For example if paragraph 3 states you entered the US in Detroit, Michigan but in actuality you entered in NY, NY you should deny allegation 3.

CHARGE: Based on the allegations you will be charged based on immigration law and you are removable formerly known as deportable. There are several types of relief that you may apply for based on your facts.

TYPES OF RELIEF: 1. Asylum based on persecution in your home country based on 5 grounds, 2. Marriage to a US citizen if after the beginning of removal proceedings must prove by clear and convincing evidence 3. Cancellation of Removal for Legal Permanent Residents ( Green card holders) or Non Legal Permanent Residents (non green card holders) 4. Voluntary Departure

CONCLUSION: At the end of the hearing the Immigration Judge can schedule another Master Calendar hearing or an individual hearing.

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