Written by attorney Curtis James Bickers

What to do When the Insurance Company's Final Offer is Too Small

You have been hurt in a car accident that was not your fault. The medical bills are stacking up and need to be paid. Most people assume that the other driver's insurance company will be fair and do the right thing by paying the medical bills. Unfortunately, that is usually not the case.

I settled a case this week where our client, Mayra, came to us after many months of negotiating with the insurance company. Mayra was injured when a commercial truck driver hit her from behind while she was stopped. Mayra's medical bills started adding up and she could not afford to keep paying the doctor's bills. ** The other driver's insurance company offered to pay only a small amount of the medical bills and said that Mayra should pay the rest of the bills.** Mayra did not want to file a lawsuit because she had never been involved in a lawsuit. However, Mayra did not think it was fair that she would have to pay thousands of dollars out of her own pocket for her injuries. Mayra contacted V&B to see what her options were and what to do about the unpaid medical bills. A letter was written to the other driver's insurance company to see if the medical bills would be paid before a lawsuit had to be filed. The insurance company sent a letter back that stated under no circumstances would they pay for the medical bills and the offer was the final offer. A lawsuit was filed by V&B and, after a short time, the case settled. The insurance company paid all of Mayra's medical bills and compensated her for the pain and suffering she went through because of the crash.** The settlement was significantly more than the insurance company's "final offer."** If you have been in injured in a wreck and the insurance company has sent you a letter offering an amount of money that will not even cover your medical bills, it is best to contact an experienced attorney. The insurance companies threaten injured people with phrases such as "final offer" and "take it or leave it" hoping to scare you into taking their inadequate settlement.

You don't have to be pressured by the insurance company and forced to pay thousands of dollars for medical bills that were caused by someone else.

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