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What to Do When in a Car Accident with Another Driver

Posted by attorney David Bressman

Some drivers struggle with what to do when in a car accident. Collisions often happen so quickly, it’s hard to be cognizant of all that is going on and all that needs to be done. Unfortunately, if you were injured and you choose to file a claim with an auto accident lawyer in Dublin, failing to take the proper action after your wreck may lower your chances of seeking compensation.

If your trip to the Scioto River or another popular outing was ruined by an accident, you’re not alone. According to the Ohio Department of Public Safety, there were more than 290,000 car accidents in Ohio in 2011. To help protect your potential claim if you are in an accident, remember these steps. You also may discuss the situation with an auto accident lawyer in Dublin.

Call the Police and Gather Information

Even if your accident is seemingly minor or if you think you may not be injured, call the police after a collision. A police report is an invaluable piece of evidence should you choose to file a claim later. It provides a neutral account of the accident as well as information on both drivers, the weather, the time of day and statements from all parties involved.

Exchange contact details and insurance info with the other driver -- this is another important step when in a car accident. Then, using a disposable camera or the camera on your phone, start to snap photos of the accident scene. Focus on any damage done, as well as the roadway, being careful to capture any skid marks, broken guardrails or road hazards. Additionally, write down your personal account of the accident, while all the details are still fresh in your mind.

Contact Your Insurance Company and Seek Medical Attention

Calling your insurance agent is an important thing to do when in a car accident. You’ll need to alert the company of the accident, as well as any damage done to your vehicle. But just as important is knowing whatnot to do.

When speaking to an insurance agent, especially one who represents the other driver, be very careful of what you say. Do not implicate yourself in any way and avoid hinting that the accident could be your fault. Most important, refuse to give a recorded statement unless you have already spoken to your auto accident lawyer in Dublin.

In addition to calling your insurance company when in a car accident, you should always seek medical attention after getting into a wreck. Obviously, if you are seriously hurt, seek emergency care and worry about your claim later. But even if you think you haven’t been injured, see your physician shortly after the accident for a full evaluation. Just be careful to save all receipts and bills, so you can seek compensation for these costs in your claim.

Call a Lawyer

Auto accident lawyers Dublin can help you file a claim against the at-fault driver. A lawyer also can help you gather evidence, deal with insurance companies and fight for the compensation to which you are entitled. Need more info? Order my free Ohio accident report or call Bressman Law at (614) 538-1116 to speak to an auto accident lawyer in Dublin about what to do when in a car accident.

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