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What To Do If Your Own Doctor Refuses to Testify at Trial on Your Behalf | San Diego Injury Lawyer

Posted by attorney Mark Blane

San Diego California Personal Injury Attorney Mark Blane discusses what you can do if your own treating doctor refuses to testify at trial for your injury accident case. Basically you can subpoena the doctor to come in and if he or she ignores the subpoena there are severe legal consequences. However, if you compel your own doctor to come in via subpoena, his or testimony may not exactly help your case (since they were forced to come in). The other way is to hire a medical expert to interpret the medical findings of your own doctor. The better way is to be proactive on your case from the very beginning by making sure the doctors you are treating with will support you both on the medical and legal end of your claim. San Diego car accident Mark Blane is very proactive in meeting with his client's doctors from the beginning of the case to make sure his clients are never in this awkward position.For more information, go to Or call Mark Blane directly at (619) 813-7955.

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