Written by attorney Joseph Potashnik

What To Do If You Are Investigated For Unemployment Insurance Fraud In New York

If you or someone you know have been investigated or arrested for unemployment insurance benefits fraud in New York, you need immediate legal representation.

To legally receive unemployment benefits, a person must have lost their job through no fault of their own. When you receive unemployment benefits and your income situation changes, you have an obligation to report the change.

Unemployment benefits fraud occurs when a person willfully makes false statements to receive the benefits. Persons who fraudulently collect unemployment benefits are investigated and prosecuted by the Office of the Attorney General and other state agencies.

If accused of unemployment benefits fraud, one may face several felony charges including grand larceny and falsifying business records - and a conviction would mean a permanent criminal record, hefty fines, and even prison time.

If you receive a letter from a state agency, notably from the Department of Labor, accusing you of fraud, or if believe that you are under investigation for unemployment benefits fraud, you need to speak to an attorney immediately. You must not discuss your case with anyone else, especially with investigators and prosecutors as any information you provide will be used against you in court.

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