Written by attorney Don A. Murray

What to Do About a Pink Summons in New York City

Small Problems are Worth Solving Well

NYPD gives out about half a million pink summonses each year. While in the long term these pink summonses do not frequently represent enormously grave problems, they ought not be ignored or treated as if they are nothing either. Pink summonses are heard in Criminal Court and they frequently charge misdemeanor criminal offenses (such as being in a park after hours). Nobody is likely to be dragged off in chains to Rikers Island as a result of a pink summons, yet it is important to resolve them sensibly. Having an attorney help you with a pink summons can often relieve you of the need to appear personally, and also provide you with the peace of mind that an experienced professional who knows his way around criminal court will be making sure you achieve the best possible outcome. Given that handling a pink summons doesn't represent an enormous amount of legal heavy lifting for an experienced criminal lawyer, this all can be accomplished at a quite reasonable price. We can have the package of materials required to allow us to make the appearance for you to you often in less than hour from our initial consultation. This video guide reviews in depth pink summonses and how Shalley and Murray can help you solve your small problem well.

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For an in depth review of the pink summons system in New York City, including many useful articles written by New York City Criminal Defense Lawyer Don Murray, visit, or click on the link below. This site is devoted exclusively to providing information about pink summonses and the pink summons process, and is provided for free by the long-established criminal defense law firm Shalley and Murray.

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