Written by attorney Gregg R Woodnick

What Should I Do? CPS Left A Card On My Door To Call Them!

I frequently get calls from parents who have come home to find a CPS note on their door. It is usually a business card from a CPS investigator requesting that the parent contact them immediately.

In Arizona, Child Protective Services has an obligation to investigate allegations of child abuse and neglect. (The investigations include, but are not limited to: unexplained bruises, malnutrition symptoms, Munchausen’s Syndrome, and parents with substance abuse issues.) Their job is to assure that children are safe, but often their investigation leads to serious legal consequences, including CPS taking the children from their parents and criminal charges.

When you get a note on your door you should not ignore it. If you fail to respond you could be sending the wrong message to CPS or unwittingly keeping your child in danger if they suspect that someone else under your roof is abusing the child. Yes, youneedan attorney. Even if CPS does not remove your child, their ‘substantiated’ findings can impact you dramatically. Teachers, doctors, therapists and other licensed professionals canlosetheir careers over these issues.

The Constitution guarantees you the right to remain silent and not answer questions. While not answering their questions can be dangerous, you need to strongly consider telling CPS that you will cooperate with their investigation but only with your lawyer present.

Remember, if you get a note on your door, do not panic…but you should find a lawyer who is experienced representing people accused of child abuse.

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