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What Property Is Subject to an Alaska Contractor's Lien

Posted by attorney Clayton Walker

What land is subject to the Contractor’s Lien? (Alaska Stat. 34.35.055)

  1. The land upon which a building or other improvement described above, together with a convenient space about the building or improvement as is required for the convenient use of the property.
  2. If the person owns less than a fee simple interest, only that person’s interest is liened.
  3. If the owner was only a tenant and they forfeit possession, the leinor can protect their interest by paying all arrears of rent and money required under the lease.
  4. If the landlord regains possession before commencement of the construction, alteration or repair the lien is only protected by the right to remove the improvement within 30 days after the purchase and the landlord gets first recovery of the sale of removed goods to satisfy unpaid rent until the date of removal.

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