Written by attorney Michael H. Gruhin

What Now, My Employer is Fighting My Ohio Workers' Comp Claim

Unfortunately, many employers fight a workers' compensation claim filed by their employees. They don't want their compensation premiums to increase and therefor fight to keep a claim from being allowed either by the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation or the Ohio Industrial Commission.

Employer arguments include that the work accident or job injury did not take place or that the employee was injured off the job. Other defenses can be through their medical doctors stating that the injury is just the result of the natural aging process.

Injured workers need to obtain the legal counsel of a Board Certified Ohio Workers' Compensation Attorney. No matter what the BWC or the employer tells you, you can't go it alone against the BWC attorneys and/or the Employer's attorneys.

When your employer or the BWC denies your work comp claim, you need to stay calm and get the legal help and advice of a Board Certified Specialist. Currently, we feel that the system is tilted against the injured worker. You need to act fast to get the representation you need because in addition to the frustration, the worry of mounting bills and lack of income needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Under Ohio Workers' Compensation Law, an injured worker (as does the employer) has the right to appeal any negative decision in their claim. When you have an attorney, he/she will keep on top of the correspondence from the BWC and the ICO. But before you get that lawyer, it's important that you stay in contact with the OhioBWC. You MUST pay attention to all mail you receive from the BWC , the employer, and/or the ICO. There are short time limits within which to file any necessary appeal to decisions made by the BWC and/or the ICO.

The bottom line is this - you do need an attorney to represent you in your OhioBWC claim. Don't let anyone tell you differently. An injured worker has no experience with the law or a system that can "chew you up and spit you out".

Confused or concerned about the workers compensation process and/or a decision that has been made regarding your claim? Contact Mike Gruhin, Board Certified Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation Specialist Attorney. Let Mike put you at ease with expert answers to your OhioBWC questions. Contact Mike for a free, no obligation consultation on the phone, through email, or in the office.

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