Written by attorney Neyah Kane Bennett

What kind of lawyer do I need for a breach of contract case in Connecticut?

In general, if you have a breach of contract case, you probably will want to hire a litigator or civil litigation attorney with experience in contract cases or the type of dispute at issue. A litigator generally refers to a lawyer that handles lawsuits or court cases. In other words, if the dispute is capable of going to trial or some type of tribunal for a final decision, then it is a litigation case. The attorneys who handle litigation cases are often referred to as litigators. Civil litigation refers to litigation cases that are not criminal. These cases are filed and tried in a civil court under the rules of civil procedure.

The next consideration is experience with contract cases. There are basic elements of a contract case. They include an offer, acceptance, exchange of consideration, and damages. There are also many “boiler plate" clauses that frequently appear in contracts regardless of the type of dispute. Further, there are clauses that limit remedies such as disclaimers, limited warranties, or waiver. You will want to talk to an attorney with experience with general contract law.

Once you have a litigator with experience in contracts generally, you might also want an attorney with experience for the particular type of contract. For example, a lawsuit involving technology issues such as a software license or service agreement is likely to involve unique issues. On the other hand, you might have a non-compete contract or non-disclosure agreement. Both types of cases involve contracts, but the cases likely involve very different legal and factual issues.

Another good rule of thumb for any kind of case is to hire a lawyer who comes recommended by peers or clients. There are many ways to find out if a lawyer has been recommended by peers or clients. Websites such as,, and include peer reviews and client reviews. These sites often include ratings on the attorneys as well.

Last, and perhaps most important, you want to have a good, trusting relationship with your attorney. I tell clients all the time to make sure you feel comfortable with me. A good attorney will not be offended if you, as the potential client, want to interview other lawyers to make sure you find the right match.

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