Written by attorney Jodi Brenner Ginsberg

What it Means to Undergo a Deposition in Your Georgia Workers' Compensation Case

There is a good chance that at some point in your Georgia workers’ compensation case that the insurance company lawyer will want to take your deposition. If you are not familiar with the term, a “deposition” happens when the insurance company lawyer asks you questions under oath.

Your deposition will take place in an office - most likely my office and I will be there with you, along with a court reporter and the opposing lawyer. You can expect opposing counsel to ask you detailed questions about your work injury, medical treatment, prior injuries, and anything else about your case. Opposing counsel can also ask you uncomfortable questions about your background, including questions about arrests, drug or alcohol use, prior jobs and lawsuits you may have filed in the past.

By the way, we have the right to depose your supervisor, HR coordinator, even the opposing insurance adjuster - I’ll discuss those strategies in a future video.

As I discuss in this video, the key to successful testimony in your deposition is preparation. I have observed and participated in hundreds of depositions so I know what types of questions you will be asked. Prior to setting foot in your deposition, we will practice how to truthfully and accurately answer the questions you are likely to hear. We want opposing counsel to see that you are truthful, accurate and persuasive - this will only help us negotiate better results in your case and a larger settlement.

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