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What is the Value of a Personal Injury Case on Behalf of a Minor Child?

Posted by attorney David Wolf

What is the value of a personal injury case on behalf of a minor child? Children are the unfortunate victims of incidents cause injuries. Events or incidents that cause personal injuries to children include the following:

autmobile accidents;

bicycle accidents;

pedestrian accidents;

slip and fall incidents;

day care center related incidents;

school incidents;

playground accidents;

theme park and amusement park accidents;

dog bites; and

other incidents.

When a child is injured a parent is often faces many challenges including payment of medical bills, the provision of future medical care, and, yes, the pursuit of an injury case or claim. With respect to the injury case or claim, a parent is often faced with a decision at some point in time as to how much to ask for and how much to accept for compensation for the injuries to the minor child. Each child injury case should be evaluated up some facts and circumstances. Factors that may be considered in determining the value for a personal injury case on behalf of a minor child can include the following:

type of incident;

liability and fault of the other person, party, business, or government entity;

comparative fault (if any) of the child;

comparative fault (if any) of the parent;

availability and amount of medica insurance;

availability and amount of liability insurance;

severity of the injuries;

amount of medical bills;

need for future treatment;

extent and type of medical treatment;

procedures / surgeries performed;

visibility of the injuries;

effect of the injuries on the child's activities of daily living;

expected impact of the injuries over the child's lifetime;

permanency of the injuries; and

other factors.

It is no easy task to assess a value on an injury case especially one involving a minor child. Because of this is important to contact a personal injury attorney or child injury attorney for advice, consultation, and legal representation.

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