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What Is The Secret For How Much My Medical Malpractice Case Is Worth?

What is the secret for how much my medical malpractice case is worth? To put the question another way, how do Maryland medical malpractice lawyers figure case worth? It is my opinion that understanding this issue can go a long way in preventing a client from having unreasonable expectations as to their case.

The main focus of this Maryland medical malpractice educational article is to not only explain the two main types of damages, but an important tool used by injury lawyers to help determine case worth.


Damages are an important element in tort law. For the purpose of this article, damages are the injury and harm done to the injured party by someone else. With that said, understanding what is the secret for how much my medical malpractice case is worth starts with focusing on economic versus non-economic damages.

The easiest way to understand economic damages is to look at these damages as calculable numbers. For example, when you are injured and generate medical bills from the hospital, these bills can be calculated. One can take all the bills and add up the total. The same can be said for lost wages. At the end of the day, you can calculate your missed money from work, past and future.

Non-economic damages are the exact opposite of economic damages. Things such as the pain and suffering associated with an injury would be considered non-economic damages. Pain and suffering does not have a definite number like, for example, the total amount of medical bills generated from an injury. As a side note, under Maryland law, there is a cap as to the amount of non-economic damages that can be awarded.

When figuring how much your Maryland medical malpractice case is worth, your lawyer will review both economic and non-economic damages. With that said, an important tool is used in some cases to help figure case worth.


When talking about what is the secret for how much my medical malpractice case is worth, it is important to understand life care plans, for certain cases. A life care plan is created by experts to map out things the injured party will need throughout their life. For example, if mobility is an issue then the injured party will more than likely need a wheelchair or other mobility device to move around.

An expert who has experience with the disabled will be able to understand the need for a wheelchair and project that chair and costs out for the life of the injured person. This expert can also deal with retro fits too, for example. Remember, these are just a few things covered in a life care plan.

Maryland medical malpractice lawyers have experience in these matters and will be able to use the above as a basis for developing a case value.


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