Written by attorney Mary Katherine Brown

What is the legal definition of "father" in Georgia?

According to the law in Georgia, the "biological father" is: the biological father is the male who impregnated the biological mother resulting in the birth of the child.

The legal father is a male who:

  • Has legally adopted a child
  • Was married to the biological mother of the child at the time the child was conceived or was born unless such paternity was disproved by a final order
  • Married the legal mother of the child after the child was born and recognized the child as his own, unless such paternity has been disproved
  • Has been determined to be the father by a final paternity order
  • Has legitimated the child by a final order pursuant to § 19-7-22 and who has not surrendered or had his rights to the child terminated

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Ann. Code § 19-8-1

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