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What is the holistic approach to divorce?

What is the holistic approach to divorce? | Bill Beck Law | Marital & Family Law | | (727) 888-2217 | 2945 Palm Harbor Blvd., Suite B, Palm Harbor, Florida 34683

If you’re considering dealing with divorce in a holistic manner you would want to consider all of the elements that need to be resolved in a divorce. A simple acronym is peace, P-E-A-C-E.

The P stands for parenting time, that resolves the issue of where the children are going to live and how much time they’re going to spend visiting the other parent. The E stands for equitable distribution and that’s basically how the marital estate is going to be divided. There’s a presumption that it would be divided equally. The A stands for alimony and in certain divorces of seven to 17 years or greater there’s a presumption in favor of some forms of alimonies so that will need to be resolved. The C stands for child support. Once visitation schedule and alimony has been resolved then the income of the parties is taken into consideration to resolve or to determine child support. The final E stands for everything else and that would be attorney’s fees or any injunctive relief that was requested.

But that consideration of all of the issues in a divorce is the holistic approach.

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