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What is the Basis for an Order of Protection in New York

Posted by attorney David Bliven

Many people are unaware that domestic violence is NOT limited to disputes among married persons. Domestic violence can also occur between family members or intimate partners. In New York, the allegations may include (this is a non-exhaustive list): Assault, Harassment, Stalking & Disorderly Conduct. New York law was recently amended to allow for restraining orders or orders of protection to anyone who is involved in an intimate relationship (generally termed "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" relationships). This change affords victims extra security when it comes to domestic violence. If you feel you may have been a victim of domestic violence, it is generally advised (at the least) that you consult with a Domestic Violence attorney in your area. Depending on the circumstances, you may also wish to call the police or contact an agency which handles domestic violence matters.

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