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What is Defered Action? DACA

Posted by attorney Ryan Gibson

What is Defered Action?

Deferred action is a discretionary decision by DHS not to purdue enforcement against a person for a specified period. Though an individual granted deferred action is considered by DHS to be lawfully present during the period of deferred action is in effect, it does NOT altar an individual’e existing immigration status or provide a path to citizenship. As a result cannot be used to establish eligibility for an immigration status that requires maintenance of lawful status. Deferred action, however may allow a person to qualify for certain state benefits, such as drivers license, though state requirements vary. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer had issued an executive order denying driver’s license for DACA authorizations. The order is being somewhat successfully challenged in the courts so far. We shall wait and see. You can check out his article for more reading.

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