Written by attorney Claudia Maria Negrette-Gonzalez

What is considered an on-the-job injury, illness, or death in Florida?

An on-the-job injury, illness or death in Florida can fall under a couple of categories. When you think of on the job injury, you probably think of the run-of-the-mill case where someone has a trip and fall accident and injures their knee or their back or their shoulder. But, an on the job injury is also something that can happen over time. For example, a factory worker that spends eight hours a day manipulating small devices and causes injuries, permanent injuries to her arms or neck or shoulder. That is also considered an on the job injury. Finally, you can also have an on the job injury when you're exposed to some type of chemical or product that causes you harm over time. Those three categories are the different types of on the job injuries that someone can have.

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