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What is a form I-130, "Petition for Alien Relative"?

Posted by attorney Ryan Reppucci

An I-130, is a Petition filed by a lawful permanent resident of the United States to establish the relationship to certain alien relatives that desire to immigrate to the U.S. I-130 Petitions are processed as a visa number becomes available. Therefore, filing and acceptance of the I-130 is merely the first step in assisting a relative immigrant into the U.S. Since even after an I-130 is accepted, eligible family members must wait for an available visa number before applying for an adjustment of status to LPR, or an immigrant visa.

There is currently a filing fee of $355.00 for the I-130 Petition. When preparing your Petition it is important to utilize the services of a Phoenix Immigration Law Attorney. A Phoenix Immigration Attorney can assist you through the stressful process of getting your relatives into the U.S. A Phoenix Immigration Attorney will also be there to make sure that your Petition(s) is prepared thoroughly and properly thus giving you the satisfaction of knowing your Petition has a better chance of being approved.

To determine whether you qualify to file an I-130 on behalf of your alien relative, contact our Phoenix Immigration Law Firm today.

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