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What is a fiduciary?

Go Here: Strategic Planning With Purpose. Call Us at (954) 599-7483 or email [email protected]. We are diligent and dependable, compassionate and personable and innovative and professional. Haimo Law ( helps you protect your family and your business's interests for the immediate and long-term future. Together, we can take advantage of incredible tools and techniques that are available to you right now. Call us for wills, trusts, probate, asset protection and business planning. Haimo Law offers premium legal representation at an affordable price and customer service you will not find elsewhere. We are reliable, approachable, honest and attentive. Helping your family and business is our priority. A fiduciary is a person who is appointed to fulfill a role that places them in a position of trust and confidence. As a result, they are held to a higher standard of care and can be held personally liable for breach of their duty. Examples of fiduciaries include Personal Representatives and Executors of estates in Probate, and Trustees of trusts.

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