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What is a California Certified Family Law Specialist?

Posted by attorney Bettina Yanez

** What is a California Certified Family Law Specialist?**

A Family Law lawyer can apply to become a California Certified Family Law Specialist after putting in years of real practice and passing an examination that tests the aptitude to think, evaluate the facts and apply the law.

So many people in search of a family law attorney stop and ask, “what is a Certified Family Law Specialist?".

The California State Bar identifies family law as all parts of the California Family Code and comprising, but not limited to, the following: psychological and counseling aspects of family law, child custody in any forum, mediation and/or negotiation of family law disputes, post-marital agreements, non-marital domestic relationships, public enforcement of child support, taxation issues incident to family law practice, enforcement proceedings, contempt, family law writ; appellate practice.

Furthermore, a California Certified Family Law Specialist must prove significant, undisputable skill in the following areas of the California Family Law Code:

• Tax issue related to your divorce

• Child Support & Custody

• Domestic Violence/Temporary Restraining Orders “TRO"

• Alimony “Spousal Support"

• Dissolution of Marriage “Divorce", legal separation

• Property division

• Confirmation of separate property

• Mediation

• Contempt proceedings

What does retaining a California Certified Family Law Specialist do for you?

Individuals are ensured of having a family law attorney with the highest level of education and skill recognized by the legal profession. The State of California law forbids attorneys from claiming they are “experts" or “specialists" if they have not achieved certified specialization.

The California Bar Association, acknowledged, “ME", Attorney Bettina Yanez as a Certified Family Law Specialist in California, only after I passed a multitude of preconditions and was considered in an evaluation by judges and attorneys.

Numerous attorneys practice Family Law, but with a Certified Family Law Specialist you are assured of hiring a family law lawyer at your side with the greatest degree of skill in family law.

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