Written by attorney MacDaniel E Reynolds

What if the officer did everything right in my DUI arrest?

Unfortunately, unless you have years of experience with DUIs in Oregon, there is no way to know if the officer did everything right with your case. I respect that opinion, but unless you've been through the system many many times or you're an experienced DUI attorney, you don't know what the officer is supposed to do. No officer is going to let you know that they really messed your case up, they're going to give the impression that they are in control of everything that happened. So you just don't know if they did everything right. Did he or she? Probably, but not always. The job of your attorney is to go through the details of your case to make sure that the officer did everything that they were supposed to do in the proper sequence to get the evidence against you. That is part of your lawyers job. So if you or someone you care about has been arrested for a DUI in Multnomah, Washington or Clackamas Counties in Oregon, call Reynolds Defense Firm today for your free consultation 503.223.3422 and let them take the burden off of you so you can rest at night. We're solid, we're here if you need us and we're very good at what we do.

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