Written by attorney Max A. Keller

What if My License is Cancelled as Inimical to Public Safety in Minnesota?

Cancelled Minnesota License from DWI

Most drivers take the privilege to drive for granted. It is only after your license has been cancelled that they realize how integral the ability to drive is to the day-to-day tasks of life. If your driver's license has been cancelled due to a DWI offense, talk to an experienced Minnesota criminal defense law firm, like Keller Law Offices. We can help you obtain a B-card license that allows you to drive with restrictions and explore other options for maintaining your driving privileges.

We Can Help You Keep Your Driving Privileges

When you have a Minnesota driver's license, you give your implied consent to submit to alcohol content (BAC) tests if you are stopped under suspicion of drunk driving. You also give your implied consent to automatic license revocation if you are arrested for DWI or if you refuse a BAC test. If you refused to take a test, or if you failed a test, you have seven days before your license is revoked. When you have 3 or more DWI convictions and or implied consent driver's license revocations (all from separate DWI incidents) then under Minnesota law your license will be Cancelled as Inimical to Public Safety (Cancelled-IPS)

Our attorney, Max A. Keller, has extensive knowledge of Minnesota's implied consent laws as well as the full spectrum of DWI defenses available. Additionally, he can identify the alternatives that are available to you, such as:

Do You Have a Restricted Driver's License?

If you have a B-card (indicating you cannot consume alcohol or drugs, even when you are not driving), you can be charged with a gross misdemeanor if you were driving in violation of your B-Card license, or if you were not driving, you will still lose your license for 3 years or more — UNLESS YOU FIGHT YOUR DRIVER'S LICENSE CANCELLATION. Our law firm also defends people who are charged with B-card violation crimes or license violations/cancellations.

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