Written by attorney Clifton C. Carden

What if I get a traffic ticket while driving on a conditional license in New York?

Even the safest driver operating a motor vehicle on a conditional license can be the target of an improper turn, seatbelt, or stop sign ticket (just to name a few).

These offenses may seem unimportant compared to the DWI offense that landed you with the conditional license right? Wrong!

VTL 1196 allows the commissioner of the department of motor vehicles to revoke your ability to drive on your conditional license should you enter into any guilty plea other than one prescribed by law.

Should you be found guilty, or enter into a plea, an order of suspension or revocation will likely be sent to your home address with the following wording:

Your conditional license will be revoked effective Month/Day/Year. This action is taken under section 1196 vehicle and traffic Law.

Cause: convicted on Month/Day/Year in the above court on a charge of (applicable charge entered).

This violation occurred about in conditional license status.

If you are currently enrolled you may continue to participate in the drinking driver program but you may not drive under any circumstances. If your record allows, you may apply for the return of your full license after you complete the program or have served the remaining revocation or suspension period.

If you have not already done so, turn in any and all items (including any duplicates) to the department of motor vehicles at the office is listed below."

A driver with a New York conditional license is subject to many restrictions. We assist clients in every phase of the DWI process all across the state. If you are on a conditional license and have been ticketed call us now so that we can begin to assit you.

  • Clifton C. Carden, III, Esq.

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