Written by attorney Claudia Maria Negrette-Gonzalez

What happens if I am injured on the way to or from work in Florida?

If you're injured on the way to or from work in Florida, you're normally not covered under Worker's Comp. However, there are a few examples, such as if you're running a special errand for your employer. For example, picking up the project for the next day or picking up tools to go meet your group on a construction site ... those are special errands and they would be covered under worker's comp. Also, if you're on the premise of your employer, such as a airport or stadium, and you're walking out of the stadium, and you have an accident, then you would be covered because you're on the premise of your employer. So generally, you are not covered when going and leaving work. However, there are a few exceptions and I would recommend that you consult with a Worker's Comp attorney to discuss whether or not your case is covered under worker's comp.

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