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What Happens at the 341 Meeting of Creditors?

Posted by attorney Jason James

Many people get worried about the 341 Meeting of Creditors. It sounds ominous, but in reality, it's not. Here's what to expect: -arrive 15 minutes early, to make sure you find the meeting area and meet your attorney prior to the meeting. -your attorney should prep you before the meeting, going over what the Trustee may ask and the process after the meeting. Remember, the Trustee is just another attorney. Nothing to be nervous about. Also, creditors typically do not show up to these meetings. -you go into the meeting room with your attorney, the Trustee asks you about 10-20 questions, basically verifying the information you listed in your bankruptcy Petition. There are no trick questions, just answer honestly and everything should be OK. -the meeting should last about 5-15 minutes total. Make sure you do your second "Debtor Education" certificate and get it to your lawyer within 45 days of the 341 Meeting. You should receive your Discharge Order in about 90 days from the 341 Meeting of Creditors. That's it! You are very close to done with this process, good luck!

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