Written by attorney Ross Wesley Albers | Apr 19, 2016

What DUI trial rights are waived if you plead guilty to a Maryland DUI?

A Maryland DUI guilty plea requires a waiver of several important rights. Pleading guilty to a Maryland DUI is a decision you have to make after consulting with your attorney.

At the Law Office of Ross W. Albers, your Maryland DWI Lawyer will meet with you prior to your trial date to discuss any possible factual and legal defenses you may have. Additionally, your attorney will discuss with you the possible outcomes of your case should you take it to trial or plead guilty.

A Maryland DUI Guilty Plea Requires Waiver of Rights

Should you decide to accept the State's Attorney's guilty plea, then you are giving up the following rights:

The right to a trial by a judge. The right to a trial by a jury of twelve fair and impartial citizens of Maryland chosen from the voter rolls and motor vehicle rolls, who must unanimously agree that you are guilty before you can be found guilty. The right to be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt whether by a judge or a jury. The right to a face and cross-examine the witnesses against you. The right to call witnesses of your own for purposes of trial. The right to testify in your own defense. The right to remain silent and not have that silence considered against you. Before you decide to plead guilty to a Maryland DUI and give up the above-referenced rights, your attorney needs to make sure that the State can prove its case on your trial date. Specifically, the police officer and breathalyzer technician that investigated your case must be present in court, or readily available.

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