Written by attorney Jeremy S Geigle

What Does ‘Released on One’s Own Recognizance’ Mean?

Shaun White, 2-time Olympic gold medalist, was arrested for public intoxication and vandalism at a hotel in Nashville. Local police reported that they arrested White after he kicked a hotel guest as he was trying to flee the hotel. The hotel guest called the police on White, who apparently had “bloodshot eyes and smelled strongly of alcohol," after he broke a phone and pulled a fire alarm.

White was taken to a local hospital after he hit his head while trying to attack the hotel guest whom had called the police. He was later arrested on misdemeanor charges after he refused to sign a citation. The professional snowboarder was later released on his own recognizance.

An offender who is facing criminal charges can be mandated to enter into a recognizance that requires them to keep the peace in the future. If the offender has been accused but not convicted, they may be allowed to leave before a trial and before posting a bail bond. The offender must prepare a formal written statement which states that their failure to appear will require them to pay a specific and indicated amount of money to the court.

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