Written by attorney Theodore W. Robinson

What Does it Mean to Take a Plea Based on an SCI In Nassau County?

If your attorney and the Assistant District Attorney reach a plea bargain and you wish to plead guilty to a reduced charge in the County Court, then there must be a means of doing so. To do that, the law provides for a Superior Court Information which can be used instead of an Indictment (that's because to get an Indictment the case must be presented to the Grand Jury which constitutes a lot more work for the DA's office and they would rather avoid that necessity). So when you appear before the court to enter your plea to a reduced charge, you first must agree to waive your right to a Grand Jury Indictment and agree to proceed by Superior Court Information. Once you do that, then the Court has the necessary jurisdiction to proceed with the rest of the deal and accept your plea to a felony or anything else the law allows.

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