Written by attorney Erika Salerno Shadowens

What Does Child Support Cover?

Other than uninsured health care and childcare expenses, all other costs of raising your children should be paid by the custodial parent, with the non-custodial parent's share having already been paid by the child support. This includes food, clothing, shelter, schooling, extra-curricular activities, toys, and entertainment. In those instances where there is some joint or shared parenting time arrangement, it is often difficult to find an agreement between the parties dealing with the expenses that are not unique to your own household, i.e., clothing, special activities, school, and entertainment. Unfortunately, there is no other option readily available that is frequently used. There is no legal obligation for a parent to provide education beyond high school for their children. Accordingly, Courts make no provisions for college education or advanced training. Sometimes parents will work out an agreement as to the handling of the cost of higher education beyond high school. Parents should consider what they might have to give up to get a concession from the other parent to make a contribution to the education expenses of a child. Sometimes when you properly analyze what you must give up to get this concession, you realize it may not be worth it.

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