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What CNAs and Nursing Assistant Need be Concerned About When Filing a Work Injury Claim

If you are a CNA, nursing assistant to patient helper, what should you be most concerned about if you are hurt on the job?

In my law practice, I regularly represent certified nursing assistants, respiratory technicians patient aides and other patient care professionals. These jobs can be very physical as they often involve moving a patient who has minimal body control or who may put up a struggle.

My clients report back injuries, neck and shoulder injuries, arm strains and contusions, and knee injuries - perhaps you have had one of these injuries happen to you or to a co-worker.

As I discuss in this video, I often find that CNAs and other patient caretakers often get push back from their employers when they report an on-the-job injury. This may be because injuries to patient care workers are common and employers do not want to deal with the hassle of finding a substitute worker or going through the process of reporting a claim.

You cannot and must not allow your employer’s reluctance to stop you from reporting your work injury. It is very possible that the twinge or dull ache in your back could be a serious disc injury, or the strain in your shoulder could be rotator cuff damage.

If you are hurt on your patient care job, you have the right to be seen by a workers’ compensation doctor paid for by your employer (and their insurance company). Do not accept any other answer.

And when you do visit the doctor, make a list of every body part that is hurting and report it. Insurance companies are notorious for trying to deny claims for injuries to specific body parts using the justification that “the injured worker did not report that injury” when first meeting the doctor.

If you are not sure how to report your work injury or what to say to the doctor, please call me. I don’t charge for these calls and I’d be happy to share my knowledge with you. #CNAworkinjury #hurtatworkliftingpatient #workerscompensationforCNA

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