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What are your rights in the St. Joseph Medical Center Stent Lawsuit

Posted by attorney George Rice

What are Your Legal Rights in Regards to the St. Joseph Medical Center Stent Case?

It's not too late to file a claim against Dr. Mark Midei and St. Joseph Medical Center in Towson Maryland. We have been assisting our clients in receiving the settlement and compensation they deserve for receiving an unneeded stent. If you received a heart stent from Dr. Mark Midei or St. Joseph Medical Center, contact attorney G. Randolph Rice, Jr., at (410) 288-2900 for immediate information and to receive a stent packet. Our cardiologist will provide a FREE review of your stent procedure to determine if you received an unneeded stent at St. Joseph Medical Center. Click here for the St. Joseph Hospital Stent Lawsuit ( Information website.

Stent News - May 2. 2013 - Settlement is reached in the St. Joseph Medical Center Stent Lawsuit in the Baltimore County, Circuit Court. Our attorneys are still accepting clients that may have received a stent from St. Joseph Medical Center in Towson, Maryland and Dr. Mark Midei. You are entitled to a free review of your heart stent procedure, contact our office at (410) 288-2900 for a free review and to speak with a stent lawyer in Maryland.

It seems like every day there’s a story about Stents and you may have asked yourself; what is a Stent? A Stent is a mesh tube that doctors place in a patient’s artery to help improve blood flow and prevent blockage. In 2009 St. Joseph Medical Center sent letters to almost 600 patients informing them that they may have received an unneeded Stent. Patients contacted lawyers, including my office, and wanted to find out what their legal rights are if they received an unneeded Stent. The answer is; you have a legal right to seek compensation for damages that may have been cause by the unneeded Stent. My office is already involved in the filing of over 100 claims against the hospital and Dr. Midei and we can review your case for free to determine if your case should be added to the claims.

Most recently in the news, St. Joseph Medical Center agreed to pay a settlement of $22 million in a federal investigation alleging kickbacks to a medical group. A number of my current St. Joseph Stent clients have asked me:

“What Does This $22 Million Settlement Mean For My Pending Stent Claim?" The federal government alleged that St. Joseph Medical Center was paying a medical group (MidAtlantic Cardiovascular Associates) a substantial amount of money to send their cardiovascular, heart and potential stent patients to St. Joseph Medical Center. St. Joseph would then perform expensive stent procedures and collect the money from either insurance companies or Medicare. In addition to the kickbacks, the Federal government was seeking reimbursement for the unnecessary stent procedures performed and billed to Medicare and Federal insurance. My current stent clients can look at this decision by St. Joseph as a positive step for their case. It shows that St. Joseph is willing to resolve and compensate for mistakes it may have made. Even though it doesn’t settle the current patient stent claims, it pushes us a little closer to settlement with St. Joseph.

Contact our office today for immediate medical malpractice help and let us determine if you received an unneeded stent from Dr. Mark Midei or St. Joseph Medical Center in Towson Md.

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