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What are Alternatives to Filing Bankruptcy

Posted by attorney Kevin Cortright

Some of my clients just do not want to file bankruptcy for one reason or another, it can be a very personal decision. Sometimes depending on a clients financial situation they can just ignore the issue as they may be completely uncollectible. If you do not own anything and you do not have much income, or just social security income you might be completely uncollectable.

Another option is to negotiate with you creditors, some will take a small portion of what is owed. I have been sucessfull at negotiating payment of as low as 25 cents on the dollar. This option is usually not the best option as there can be some negative tax consequences.

Additionally there are some outside agencies that offer to work as a go between to work out payment plans, or payoffs with your creditors. Be very wary of this option as there are alot of scam artists out there just trying to make a quick buck out of your misfortune.

And of course the best option if you are able is to pay off your debts.

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