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Weapons Charges and Enhanced Criminal Penalties

Weapons charges are frequently charged in connection with another crime. If you were found to be using a deadly weapon during the commission of another crime, you face significant sentence enhancements in addition to your original sentencing.

Virtually any hard or sharp object can be turned into a deadly weapon when it is used against another human being. Even ordinary objects such as a hammer, crowbar, and baseball bat or iron frying pan can turn deadly when they are used to cause serious injuries or death upon another person.

Whenever a deadly weapon is used against another human being during the commission of a crime, it enhances the severity of the sentence. Weapons are commonly used in order to further crimes such as robbery, burglary, rape, carjacking, assault, sexual assault, domestic violence and battery. Having a weapon during the commission of a crime, even if you did not use it or cause any bodily harm against the victim is still taken very seriously.

Merely having the presence of a weapon, displaying the weapon or discharging the weapon (even if nobody was hurt) can incur lengthy prison enhancements. Law enforcement does not feel sympathetic towards criminals when nobody was hurt by the weapon, this is because they are concerned about the fact that somebody could have been injured or killed by the weapon in question.

Although weapons violations frequently occur during the commission of another violent crime or felony, they can also involve breaking a state law such as carrying a weapon without a license, felon in possession, unlawful sale of a weapon, possession of an illegal weapon, possession of a concealed weapon, possession of a loaded weapon, pointing an unloaded or loaded weapon at another human being, weapons trafficking and more. The laws pertaining to weapons are specific and an inexperienced individual can be in violation of the law without being aware of it. Unfortunately, when they get caught violating the law, they can still be criminally prosecuted on weapons charges.

Weapons violations are extremely serious. Our country still allows the use of many deadly weapons; however they are strictly regulated and any violations are dutifully prosecuted by the state. If you were arrested for a crime involving a weapon, or if you committed a weapons violation of any sort, you should seek the advice of a highly experienced criminal defense attorney. Your attorney will be able to fully investigate the charges against you and find any mitigating circumstances that may paint you in a more positive light. The right lawyer will bring their knowledge and experience to the table when defending your constitutional rights. If there was an error by law enforcement, they should be able to find it and use it to your advantage. To start fighting for your freedom and your rights, contact a seasoned criminal defense lawyer immediately.

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