Written by attorney John F. Moon Samore

We hear a lot about prosecutions for child pornography; why defend these kind of cases?

This article describes background on why defense of child pornography sometimes make sense.

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We have dedicated ourselves to helping the accused and their families through this difficult times. The person may be entirely innocent, and, through retention of competent forensic experts to render objective opinions, we fight for their acquittal or dismissal of criminal charges. Other clients are eager for treatment of an obsession and the least exposure to prison time. We have had more than one client who realized years ago that he had become hooked on this kind of video (although none acted out on these fantasies) but could not get the psychological counseling that they wanted to get because the law requires psychologists who are informed of a client with such a problem to inform law enforcement. This is wrong; we need to help balance the scales of justice.

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