Written by attorney Kari L. Cornelison

Ways to Help Prevent Divorce from Negatively Affecting Your Children

One of the common concerns for divorcing parents is there children. A child custody lawyer sees many cases of parents divorcing and how this can affect the children involved. They as a result are able to offer some advice in this area of interest for divorcing parents.

The following are some ways that a parent can prevent at least some of the negativity that will affect their children in the case of their divorce.

Parents can lessen the negative effects of their divorce upon the children by:

  • Treating each opportunity to be with their children as a rare chance to make things better for them.
  • Remembering that the parental duty they owe their children far outweighs the worst problem the other parent can cause them.
  • Recognizing that the children perceive aggression between their parents as aggression toward them.
  • Regularly telling the children about some of the neat things the other parent did before they were born or when they were too young to remember.
  • Recognizing that it is not their children’s role to be their shrink, double agent, or courier.
  • Being on time and calling the other parent promptly if any problems come up.
  • Being enthusiastic about the positive things that the other parent does with the children.
  • Respecting the other parent’s time with the children and also being flexible, so as to not cause any waves.
  • Making sure their friends and family members say only respectful and kind things about the other parent.

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