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Wake County Speeding Ticket Attorney

Posted by attorney George Nickel

Raleigh Speeding Ticket Lawyer A simple speeding ticket can have very serious consequences. In addition to a fine, your insurance rates could go through the roof and you could possibly lose your drivers' license. By paying the fine, you are pleading guilty, possibly to a misdemeanor offense. All of these bad consequences can be avoided by hiring a lawyer to handle the matter for you. Do not pay a speeding ticket without talking to a lawyer. By paying tour traffic ticket, you are pleading guilty and could have very some severe consequences. Contact our Cary, North Carolina office to arrange a free consultation with traffic ticket attorney Wiley Nickel. Attorney Wiley Nickel helps his clients contest speeding or other traffic tickets. In many cases, he has been able to have charges for a moving violation reduced to a lower level violation or dismissed altogether. He may be able to appear in court on your behalf and handle the entire matter for you, keep your insurance rates from rising, and help you keep your driving privileges. If your license is revoked as part of a plea agreement or sentence, he will work to arrange limited driving privileges. Hiring a lawyer for speeding or other traffic ticket defense may be a practical, reasonable option. By successfully contesting a speeding ticket, you may keep your license, your good record, and prevent a later moving violation from being charged as a second offense, subject to higher penalties. How fast were you going? What was the actual speed limit? Was the technology used to clock your speed reliable? Have you ever used a PJC? Were you charged with a violation on NC GS Section 20-141(J1)? A charge of driving more than 20 miles per hour over a 55 mph limit is very different than a charge of going 55 in a 25 mile per hour zone. Every situation is unique, and only after talking to an attorney will you know what your options are. The all inclusive cost to hire Wiley Nickel to handle your ticket begins at $245 (depending on your speed). This fee includes your required court costs of $188 and any possible fines. Mishandling your traffic ticket can be very costly. If your ticket is handled the wrong way you can get costly insurance points. Each insurance point will cause your premiums to rise for about $200 per year for the next three years. Effective for offenses committed on or after January 1, 2012 a new statute provides for a civil revocation of a limited learner's permit or provisional license of a person under age 18 if the person is charged with a "criminal moving violation" as defined in that statute. An example of this could be speeding more than 15 miles over the limit or in excess of 80 MPH. This new statute appears to require the police officer to arrest the young motorist and bring them before the magistrate who may immediately revoke their privilege. Call 919-585-1486 or e-mail our Wake County office to schedule a free consultation about defense of speeding tickets or other traffic violations. We serve clients in Wake County. Related information: Waiver of Appearance Form How to Get your DMV Record Guide to Insurance Points Statute for Traffic: SPEEDING North Carolina Section 20-141(J1) The Law Offices of Wiley Nickel, PLLC Raleigh-Wake County Criminal Defense Attorney Reasonable Fees ? Payment Plans ? Credit Cards Accepted

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