Written by attorney Rixon Charles Rafter III

Virginia Supreme Court Office of the Chief Staff Attorney

Virginia Supreme Court --Office of Chief Staff Attorney

The Office of Chief Staff Attorney performs several functions. First, the staff members of the Office of Chief Staff Attorney review all cases assigned to the Office for compliance with the Court’s procedural rules. Cases involving noncompliance with the Court’s procedural rules are presented to a Panel of Justices for consideration of disposition on procedural grounds.

Second, Staff Attorneys assist the Court by providing in each appealed case, for consideration by a Panel of Justices, an objective summary of the procedural history, issues, relevant facts and incidents of trial, the legal arguments propounded by the parties, and in certain cases, a recommendation for a disposition.

Third, in cases filed in the Court's original jurisdiction, the Staff Attorneys prepare a summary of the pleadings and a proposed order addressing the issues in the case, all of which are presented to a Panel of Justices for consideration of disposition.

Fourth, from time to time, the Staff Attorneys assist the Justices with rule drafting and special research and writing projects as the Justices may request. And, finally, the Office of the Chief Staff Attorney frequently participates in Court sponsored study commissions or training programs intended to improve the administration of justice.

The Staff Attorneys in the Office of Chief Staff Attorney, for conflict of interest reasons, are not permitted to engage in the outside practice of law. Therefore, Staff Attorneys cannot provide legal advice to litigants with cases pending before the Court or other persons seeking legal assistance about their specific cases or legal problems.


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