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Mike Gruhin -Cleveland Ohio VSSR (Vioaltion of Specific Safety rule) in addition to work comp claim

Violation of a Specific Safety Requirement

An injured worker may be entitled to an additional award if the employer violates a specific safety requirement (“VSSR") enacted for the protection of the life, health or safety of employees. Read on.......Do you think your employer's unsafe work conditions caused you to have an on the job injury? If you do, then you need to discuss your claim with a Board Certified Ohio Workers' Compensation Attorney.

A VSSR award is in addition to other forms of compensation and is considered to be a “penalty" assessed against the employer. But like the round peg going into the square hole, if the accident does not fit the specific categories of the Ohio Administrative Code related to VSSR definitions, there is no VSSR. Even if the Federal Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) finds a violation, that does not necessarily mean that it comports to an Ohio VSSR violation.

The Industrial Commission has discretion to determine the amount of the award, but the award may not be greater than 50% nor less than 15% of the maximum award established by law for the year of injury. Check out our website for more information related to Ohio Workers' Compensation Claims and your legal rights.

For complete information pertaining to a VSSR action, contact a Board Certified Ohio Workers' Compensation Specialist Attorney. The consultation is free, so why wait? There are time limits, so don't jeopardize your claim or lose money benefits.

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