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Vehicle Forfeiture: Why are the Police Trying to Take My Car?

DWI, felony drug possession, fleeing a police officer, Prostitution, and other crimes can all result in vehicle forfeiture. If your vehicle was taken from you, it may be possible to get it back. The likelihood of this happening can be increased when you obtain help from Keller Law Offices. If your car was associated with a crime — such as a DWI — then your car can be taken from you, even if you are not guilty of the charges. You only have 30 days after the seizure of your vehicle to challenge the forfeiture—or you will lose you vehicle FOREVER.

Vehicles are typically seized on the second, third or subsequent DWI within 10 years. Our law firm has extensive knowledge of the defenses available and the methods that can ensure vehicle recovery.

Our attorney, Max A. Keller, can work to have the charges dismissed or the sentence reduced AND TO GET YOUR VEHICLE BACK TO THE RIGHTFUL OWNER. In building your case, we can question police procedures, work for the suppression of evidence and argue for leniency based on your clean criminal record and other personal circumstances.

In some situations, uninvolved family, parents and friends are affected by vehicle forfeiture. For example, the parent of a drunk driver could lose the car — even if the parent was uninvolved in the crime. Under Minnesota DWI forfeiture laws, there is protection for innocent owners. However, the Minnesota Supreme Court limits defense for innocent co-owners.

If your vehicle has been seized by law enforcement — whether you were charged with a first or second offense DWI/DUI or are an innocent car owner — our law firm can build a strong defense on your behalf. We are instrumental in getting vehicles returned to the rightful owners.

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