Written by attorney Paul J Molinaro

Vaping Is Not a Safe Alternative to Smoking

If you are using a vape device, Juul or other, as a means to QUIT TOBACCO, and will then QUIT VAPING, that's great. You are not someone who I would represent in cases such as the ones being brought against Juul. Alternative nicotine delivery devices like gum and patches have been great tool to help tobacco smokers quit. That's pretty much a given, and the same might even be true for the new alternative nicotine delivery systems we call vapes or e-cigarettes. However, when the manufactures of these new devices realized that there are only a limited number of tobacco smokers and that if goal of quitting altogether was bad for profits, they decided to market to new users and get them hooked for life. The vaping industry has been marketing its addictive products to teens, and TEENS ARE CHILDREN. My name is Paul J. Molinaro, M.D., J.D. I am a California PHYSICIAN and ATTORNEY. If you live in California and are addicted to e-cigarettes or vaping, please call me for a free / no-obligation consultation. I want to hear your story and tell it to a judge. * This may be considered an ad from a California law firm.

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