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Utah California Criminal Defense - To Do or Not Do When Facing Arrest or Arrested.

Posted by attorney David Altman

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: WHAT TO DO WHEN FACING ARREST OR ARRESTEDBy Law Offices of David Altman, St. George Utah California Criminal Defense Attorney Lawyer Law Firm

1. Don’t Mouth Off To The Police.

Police have wide discretion to charge you. They can escalate a misdemeanor to a felony charge and tell to the prosecutor to go hard on you. Your attitude can make a difference in what charges are filed against you.

2. Don’t Run From The Police

Running from the police only makes you look more guilty. Running leads to situations where force will be used to arrest you. DON’T run from the police.

3. Don’t Give Permission To Search

DON’T consent to search your car, home, bag or anywhere. Tell the police “You don’t Have my permission to search!" If the police find anything incriminating,DON’T TALK! ASK for a lawyer, it will end the questioning.

4. Don’t Invite The Police In Or Step Out Of Your Home

DON’T allow the police in your home without a warrant. If the police are at your door, talk to them in the doorway. Tell them “You cannot come in." Anything observed in plain view can lead to a legal search without a warrant.

5. Don’t Help The Police Put You In Jail

If the police are searching your home or car, get out of their way and SAY NOTHING!DON’T react to anything which would make the officers suspicious. DON’T look in the direction where incriminating evidence might be found.

6. Don’t Get Tricked Into Triggering A Police Search

If you are arrested outside your home, DON’T go back inside your home.

The police will escort you and use the opportunity to search without a warrant. DON’T let the police move or park your car if it is legally parked unless you want it searched.

7. Don’t Resist Arrest

DON’T resist arrest. ANY physical contact with a police officer can turn a misdemeanor into a felony which could land you in state prison. Striking an officer is your ticket to a serious beating.

8. Zip Your Lips

DON’T talk to anyone including the officer in the police car. That officer is your jailer and he wants you to incriminate yourself all the way to jail. Your conversations are likely being recorded or videotaped.

9. Don’t Believe Everything The Police Tell You

The law allows officers to lie when questioning suspects and lie about evidence. If you are arrested, the first and best option is always to ASK FOR A LAWYER. DON’T BE FOOLED by offers of leniency if you confess or bullied by statements that you are in a hopeless situation.

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