Written by attorney Donald A Pumphrey Jr.

Using a Drone to Make Money

The current uses for sUASs are just the tip of the iceberg, and more innovative and profitable tasks are developed every day. If you’re new to sUAS ownership, check out our new owner guide here. Once you are ready to start using a drone for more than a hobby, the FAA adds a whole new set of rules a

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The final step is to make sure you follow the laws in your state, many states have drone regulations in place which further control business uses. If you have any questions about how to legally fly a drone in your state, contact a qualified attorney who can help you.  Our attorneys are experienced in Florida law, and can answer questions on how to safely fly drones in any other state. If you have any issues and you’re arrested or cited by law enforcement then you need an attorney who will work hard to defend your rights. If you are cited by the FAA for unlawful sUAS use, it is highly advised to consult with an attorney before addressing the citation. Call our office any time at 850/681-7777 to set a free consultation.

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