Written by attorney Robert E Wisniewski

Unscheduled Injury in Arizona Workers' Compensation

Arizona law recognizes two types of permanent injuries: (i) scheduled; and (ii) unscheduled.

  • Unscheduled injuries are typically more general types of disabilities and include occupational diseases, injuries to a hip, shoulder, back or two “scheduled" injuries. Also, if you have previously filed a Workers’ Compensation claim, even in another state, you may be eligible for this type of award.
  • An unscheduled award is based on your general reduction in your ability to earn, not just the percentage of disability. This means that it is possible to receive nothing if the insurance company proves that you have no diminished earning ability, even with a disability!
  • An unscheduled injury has to be reaffirmed every year, can go up or down, and can be fervently contested by the insurance carrier.
  • The assistance of an attorney can often be the difference between receiving nothing and a significant monthly award.

Robert Wisniewski, Esq. has the experience necessary to determine the type of injury that you have suffered and the award that you are entitled to receive. Call his office at (602) 234-3700 to schedule a free Workers’ Compensation consultation.

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