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Understanding Legal Fees Paid to an Attorney

Posted by attorney Donald Banovitz

Make sure that you understand the legal fees paid to an attorney when hiring legal representation for an injury case. Hiring anArvadapersonal injury attorney can feel overwhelming to some. There are so many things to consider when making this choice. When meeting with the lawyer, discuss his or her fees and any costs you will be responsible for paying.

Having an understanding of what makes up these fees and what you should expect in the way of legal fees paid to an attorney can make the process of selecting a lawyer easier. Be sure to choose an attorney who is upfront with you about his or her fee structure.

Types of Attorney Billing Structures

Some law firms will offer a free initial consultation to clients, but others may charge. This either can be an hourly fee or a fixed one. When you call to set up an appointment, ask if you will be charged for the initial consultation and how long you will be allowed to speak with theArvadapersonal injury attorney.

Many injury attorneys charge a contingency fee. In this case, there are no legal fees paid to the attorney unless you win your case. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you receive free services. You still may have to pay for the expenses incurred by the attorney or law firm while working on your case.

If you do win, a portion of your settlement is given to the attorney. This may be a set amount or a percentage of the amount recovered. Many who follow this billing structure charge a third of total compensation, but isn’t always the case. Make sure you establish ahead of time what will be taken out of your final reward to pay attorney fees.

SomeArvadapersonal injury attorneys may simply charge by the hour. So however many hours it takes to work on your case, you will need to pay those costs. Let’s say the hourly rate is $150, and the attorney spends four hours on your case. We use simple math to figure out that the fee will be $600 for those four hours.

The rate may depend on other factors, though, such as the type of work the lawyer performs. Investigative research requires more work than making phone calls, for instance. And the rate could depend on who actually works on your case. Ask if the rate is different for the time a paralegal works on the case or for the time the lawyer works on it, for example.

Another type of billing structure is retainer fees. Payments are made in advance in this case. Monies are placed into an account and are withdrawn as theArvadapersonal injury attorney works on the case. If your attorney uses this fee structure, make sure you monitor the account and keep track of withdrawals. If there are monies left over after the case closes, those are generally refundable.

Additional Legal Fees Paid to an Attorney or Law Firm

While there are general attorney fees you can expect, there may be additional expenses you will need to pay. These could include charges for photocopying, long-distance phone calls, postage, filing, court report, expert witnesses and transportation.

When you sit down and have your initial consultation with an Arvadapersonal injury attorney, be sure to ask lots of questions concerning the costs that you are expected to pay. You should feel comfortable that the lawyer has answered all of your questions pertaining to legal fees paid to an attorney. Call 1-303-300-5060 to speak with D.J. Banovitz about your case.

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