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Understanding How Insurance Companies Minimize Financial Impact Caused by Your Injuries

If you read all the different parts of this series of legal guides then you are already familiar with some of the excuses that insurance companies will use to deny, delay, or diminish your car accident claim. But there are even more arguments that the insurance company will use against you.

Minimizing Financial Impact Caused by Your Injuries The insurance company may claim that... • The plaintiff's doctor did not recommend time off of work yet plaintiff took time off work. • No doctor has stated that the plaintiff would lose work time in the future. • The plaintiff had a poor attendance record at work prior to accident. • The plaintiff would have been terminated, on strike, or laid-off even without accident. • The plaintiff had no job at the time of the accident and can't substantiate that he was applying at various places. • The plaintiff's earnings (W-2 and tax records) indicate a smaller earnings history than he has claimed. • The plaintiff was paid in cash for prior employment and can't document his past earnings and/or has no tax returns. • The plaintiff's employer has no official record (i.e., W-2) or other means to substantiate plaintiff's employment.

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