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Understanding Drowning Accidents

Most drowning accidents could have entirely prevented. When adults and children are killed in a drowning accident, their surviving family members may be able to file a wrongful death claim.

Drowning accidents are tragic events and they can happen to people whether they are skilled swimmers or not. Unfortunately, drowning accidents claim the majority of deaths in children below the age of 14 years old. Wherever there is a body of water, large or small, a young child is susceptible to drowning.

As far as children are concerned, they can drown in as little as two inches of water. For this reason, it’s always important for people to keep toddlers away from open toilets, and it is important for infants and toddlers to be bathed in a shallow tub, along with making sure they are supervised by an adult at all times while they are in a bathroom, or in the bathtub.

Unfortunately, parents can’t always supervise their children at all times. In a state like Georgia where it’s hot the majority of the year, above ground pools and inground pools are extremely inviting, especially in the sweltering summer months. Whether their kids are swimming at a local recreation center, swimming at summer camp, or swimming in a small wading pool at day care, parents aren’t necessarily going to be watching all of the time. Sadly, there are times when someone that a parent entrusted to care for and watch over their children, failed in their duty to adequately supervise the children while they were near or inside water, and that failure to supervise subsequently lead to the child drowning. This type of failure to watch a child in or near a pool or pond can even happen at a birthday party, or at a friend’s house.

Aside from swimming pools in people’s backyards and on private property, American families tend to partake in and enjoy certain outdoor activities involving large bodies of water. Whether people take a small boat out on a pond or out on a local river or lake, many leisure activities will involve rivers, lakes, ponds and the ocean. They can also involve family outings to popular water parks, all of which carry the risk of drowning.

There are times when people act in a negligent manner that subsequently cause another person to drown. Such things would include a person operating a boat while drunk, these types of accidents would be considered a boating accident. Whether an innocent passenger on a boat was thrown from a boat, and later drowned, or if a person operating a boat under the influence crashed into the victim’s vessel, which caused them to overturn and drown, both would be a result of negligence.

A swimming teacher at summer camp can fail to watch one of his pupils, and their failure to supervise can lead to a drowning death for the summer camper. On the other hand, a child swimming in a swimming class at a country club can drown because the lifeguard failed to notice that they were gasping for air until it was too late.

Both adults and children can drown at a water park, due to no fault of their own, and both can be involved in a boating accident. The same goes for defective drains that can entrap people’s hair, thus making it impossible for them to swim to the surface of the water.

Drowning accidents can take the lives of perfectly innocent children and adults, and they typically stem from some form of negligence. There’s no explaining the full extent of the loss of a child, and how it can affect a family. When an adult is the drowning victim, often times a husband or wife is left behind, along with dependent children. In near drowning accidents, the accident victim can suffer from oxygen deprivation, meaning they could have to live the rest of their life in a persistent vegetative state, which is nearly as tragic as if they had died.

If your loved one has been involved in a drowning accident, or near drowning accident, then it is crucial that you speak with a highly experienced personal injury attorney. In the case of a wrongful death, your family may be entitled to compensation that could help with funeral expenses, medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of income, loss of companionship and loss of consortium. Drowning accidents are tragic events and no family should have to contend with the losses involved by themselves, and without help from the negligent party or their insurance company. So please, contact an Alpharetta personal injury attorney without delay so you can have the assistance you need during this very difficult time.

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